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Rav Aharon Feldman on Open Orthodoxy

The positions Open Orthodox leaders have espoused put them unmistakably beyond the pale of Torah Judaism, no different than the Reform or Conservative movements. Open Orthodoxy is leading the Jewish people away from the Torah.

What We Build and What We Are

As the 93rd takes place, the 78th comes to mind. Agudath Israel of America’s national conventions, that is. The 93rd gathering is featuring a constellation of topics and speakers, include the presence of Gedolim,...


There Is No Continuity Without Authenticity

Analogizing to competition sports, rabbinic debate usually resembles nothing more exciting than tiddly-winks or croquet. Last week, however, rabbinic sport turned to mud-wrestling. The slimy stuff flew between supporters and detractors of the RCA...

Misguided Mounters

“As if the situation here was not sensitive enough,” groused an incredulous MK Yoel Hasson (Hamachaneh HaTzioni). He was referring to Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely’s comment that her “dream is to see...

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