My Apology to the Old ACLU

In 1977 an American neo-Nazi group sought to march through the predominantly-Jewish Chicago suburb of Skokie. They were denied a permit by the local officials, in part because many Skokie residents at the time were families of Holocaust survivors.

Polishing the Badge

Like most everything these polarized-perspectives days, talking about the police seems to demand the taking of sides — either with ‘em or agin ‘em. But, of course, that’s nonsense. One can, and should, fully...

An Upside to Israeli TV

A piece I wrote for the Jewish Telegraphic Agency about how several example of recent Israeli television shows, including a new “reality series,” are serving to “normalize” charedim for non-observant Israelis can be read...


Speak Out Against Annexation!

Annexation is about to wreak havoc with the lives of millions of people. It will deprive them of personal liberties, and subject them to arbitrary prosecution at the whim of a powerful oppressor. It...

Should “Black Lives Matter” Matter?

[photo credit: Rathkopf Photography]   If there were a contest for the most tasteless use of a slogan this summer, it would be hard to pick one out of several recent candidates reacting to...

You Can Never Escape

A piece I wrote about my father, a”h, and one of many life lessons he taught me was published by Fox News today.  It can be accessed here.

The Gray Lady Swoons

James Bennet, who served as the editorial page editor of the New York Times for the past five years, was recently walked to the journalistic guillotine by the powers-that-be at that once-venerable institution. His...

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