Hatred, Hatred Everywhere

Even before the Pittsburgh Massacre, Damon Joseph, 21, who lives in a suburb of Toledo, Ohio, hoped to go on a “virtual jihad.” The murders of 11 Jews at the end of October in...

Don’t cry for me, Eric Yoffie

Enough decades have passed to allow some of us to recall biologist Paul R. Ehrlich’s 1968 bestseller “The Population Bomb,” in which the author, soberly analyzing relevant data, predicted worldwide famine within twenty years...


Eulogy for Amiad

[I could not find out the name of the author of this beautiful poem, but thought it more important to get it out while the wound is still fresh in all of us. It...

Hanukkah and the Soul

An opinion piece I wrote about Chanukah was published by the New York Times last week.  It can be read here.


Shmad? Really?

Few misuses of words anger us as much as our enemies calling us Nazis. Because we have kept alive the memory and the pain, we feel the enormity of the injustice of turning victim...


Chanukah Shiur Recording

Now available for download, this is a talk I gave to a great group of singles here in Yerushalayim. It combines parts of the Maharal (Ner Mitzvah), the Bnei Yissoschor, and reminiscences of the...

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