Author: Sarah Shapiro


​Flames Unseen

“If Christians knew the effect of church bells on the Jewish soul, they would ring them all day long.”  –Rav Yisrael Salanter, 19th century  December was the beautiful season. Twinkling lights and golden bells, red...


First Person Singular

It’s par for the course, in society today, to publicize ourselves uninhibitedly. Check out my blog! Visit my website!  Self-promoting “shout-outs” are the way to go. But once upon a time, not so long...


Last Night I Saw the Mushroom Cloud

I dreamed I saw the mushroom cloud. It’s been absent from my dreams for so long, in spite of Ahmadinejad. The more he talks about eliminating us, the deeper my sleep. As a girl,...


No Matter How Hard

Back in the days when I used to visit my parents, of blessed memory, in Los Angeles, I was once driving along Coldwater Canyon, one hand busily turning the radio dial in search of...


Monday Morning in Jerusalem

One morning about a year ago, I got a call from a distraught friend. She had been working for a few months as the secretary of a tzedaka organization, and had just discovered that...


An Internet Tale

[Sarah Shapiro, noted Orthodox writer and daughter of literary icon Norman Cousins, would be a welcome permanent addition to Cross-Currents if I can finally talk her into it – YA – Updated Apr. 29...

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