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Loss and Legacy

Like so many of his generation in Europe, he had an all too short childhood. At the outbreak of the Second World War, when he was 14, he found himself, along with his family...

I Abstain from the Outrage

True or False? 1) The U.S. abstention to the recent U.N. resolution was the first time an American administration declined to veto a Security Council resolution critical of Israel and opposed by her. 2)...

A Window into the Past

It’s barely visible. Taped to the inside of the front bay window of a neat, modest house on a nondescript street in Toronto is a photocopy of a spoon. The window, off the living...

Misguided Magical Thinking

We tend sometimes to lose ourselves in the turmoil of our efforts, and we begin to think, in the backs of our minds (or, worse, even in their fronts) that our actions per se directly bring about the results that follow.

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