Bury the Horse!

Sigh. This is getting tiresome.  The  horse is decaying and in need of swift burial. Any readers still following the Menken/Shafran debate are urged by both protagonists to carefully read the relevant materials cited...


Finding the Truth

A piskah tovah to all! I, too, will keep this brief. The truth to which I referred was the following: The truth is exactly as Rabbi Shafran said most recently: “Torah Jews are perceived,...

And Nothing But the Truth

Well, it’s after Yom Kippur – and a gutteh kvittel to all! – so I can continue my public discussion with Rabbi Menken, but this time, I’ll be brief. I’m not sure how the...

Definitely True!

I am genuinely delighted that Rabbi Shafran has posted yet again, not least of all because it proves I’m not alone in going at it until we finish the job.

The Mandate We Both Ultimately Embrace

In his latest installment of our discussion of political partisanship (we should take this show on the road!), Rabbi Menken asserts several things worthy of responses. For starters, he expresses doubt over why President...


Arguing About Not Arguing

It’s good to have differences of opinion on Cross-Currents. In this case, the more we hone our arguments, we rapidly see how little there is to argue about.

Some Corrections

I’m reluctant to continue my debate with my valued friend Rabbi Yaakov Menken – he’s the one who invited me at Cross-Currents’ inception to post here! – but his most recent posting about my...

Nesivos Shalom, Volume 2

B’Chasdei Hashem, my second volume of English-language adaptation of the Slonimer Rebbe has been accepted for publication by Koren. I’m honored to be in the company of some major figures whose works were published...

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