The Small, Soft Sound of Teshuvah

Today’s young people are different. They do search for meaning and depth, but not in unconventional places or with charismatic spiritualists. They do so while enduring a roller coaster of highs and lows, aliyos and yeridos, moments of deep inspiration mixed with a lot of self doubt.

Why Jews Worry

Some racial or national stereotypes are outright falsehoods. Mexicans may take siestas (as do many Israelis) during the hottest time of the day, but all the workers from south of the border whom I’ve...

Beware the Burger!

Back in 2002, a Jewish plot was uncovered by an intrepid investigator and publicly revealed on something called the “Aztlan Communications Network,” the teratoid brainchild of one “Ernesto Cienfuegos,” a pseudonymic Mexican-American every bit...


Racism, Real and Perceived

We don’t have any racists in our community, right? Of course we do. And, as the political climate changes in the US, we’re going to pay a higher price for whatever racism does exist....

Disinformation Please

The ad accuses President Trump of having paid a $2 million bribe to a Vermont prosecutor for the latter to fabricate a larceny charge against Senator Bernie Sanders. Despite the president’s vociferous objection to...


Discount to Readers

This is an exercise in unvarnished self-promotion. I don’t like doing it, but marketing is part of the deal with the publisher. My second volume on the Slonimer Rebbe’s zt”l Nesivos Shalom has just...

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