Author: Yitzchok Adlerstein


Is Heresy Horrible?

Heresy, to many Orthodox Jews, is what Trayvon Martin is to some black Americans: something that stirs up fears and concerns that they would rather not think about. The very mention of the word...


Mesorah On The Fly

One of Rabbi Dr. Yoel Finkelman’s academic areas of interest is charedi culture. His comments are always incisive and challenging. He is as passionate about his DL part of the Torah world as I...


Time With Sharansky

Spending time with Natan Sharansky as I did a week ago helps one understand Avrohom Avinu. “Vayakam Avraham mei’al pnei meiso” – Avrohom arose from before his dead. Avraham did not take the loss...


Lone Operators

A few days ago, a small number of Los Angeles clergy were invited to listen to Natan Sharansky present his compromise plan for the Kotel. (I hope to write more about that later.) Before...

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