Author: Yitzchok Adlerstein


The Berditchiver in Gaza

I cannot reveal my source. All I can say is that it happened as he patrolled late at night in a Beit Hanoun street abandoned by its residents, walking a few paces ahead of...


Klal Perspectives – Summer 2014

Too long went by without a new issue of Klal Perspectives, a journal that always provoked animated discussion about matters vital to the Orthodox community. The Summer 2014 issue is devoted to the state...


Bring Our Tefilos Home

I don’t recall another such occasion in my lifetime. I am not a regular participant in Yom Kippur Katan. But BEH, I will certainly try this afternoon. It is not so unusual for us...



Virtually the entire Jewish community was united last week in its concern for Eyal, Naftoli and Gilad. It took a kippah-wearing twelve year-old shocking the judges on America’s Got Talent to give us back...

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