Author: Yitzchok Adlerstein


Wisdom From a Miner

I met Luis Urzua today. Luis was the shift foreman of the trapped Chilean miners, and widely credited for maintaining the unity of the group through their ordeal. Several of us remarked to him...


Kiruv With Sechel

Kiruv of Israelis can’t get much better than this, I would think. Let’s see how many elements of effective presentation our readers can identify in this video. Kudos to the Ayelet HaShachar outreach organization...


Ohr Ve-choshech Mishtamshim Be-irvuvia

It always takes courage and moral backbone to publicly apologize, and we should acknowledge this in Richard Goldstone, who has recanted much of what he wrote in the notorious Goldstone Report. Like the feathers...


Better Than Esperanto

Walking back from mincha at the White Shul, we passed blocks of stalled cars on Empire Boulevard, most of which were delivery vehicles for mashloach manos shepherded by harried drivers. There is just no...


Purim When Times Are Rough

Too many times in our recent collective memory the run-up to Purim was marred by catastrophes that were hard to ignore while trying to get into the spirit of the day. Twenty-five years ago...

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