Author: Yitzchok Adlerstein


Nothing to be Nervous about Neuroscience

I’ve encountered two attitudes in our community to cutting edge neuroscience. Many react to it less love than root canal. Its presumptions to offer “natural” explanations for things previously seen as spiritual and mysterious...


An Antescript to Rabbi Feldman

Rabbi Ilan Feldman’s piece continues to dominate in the popularity race of the new issue, both in terms of numbers of downloads, and in the responses come in. One reader, whose identity I do...


Hospitals and Halacha

Rabbi Jason Wiener is a young rov who has done an outstanding job as the senior Jewish chaplain at Cedars-Sinai Hospital Center in Los Angeles. His penchant for serious treatment of halacha is obvious...


Thanking the President

Major Orthodox organizations were quick to thank the President for his unequivocal articulation of Israel’s right to defend herself. In the best tradition of hakoras hatov, these messages went out: Agudath Israel We at...

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