Author: Yitzchok Adlerstein


Jonathan Sarna, Please Call Home

Jonathan Sarna says that the RCA should know better. Writing in The Forward, Dr. Sarna, an acclaimed scholar, finds irony in the letter published a few days ago in Haaretz that responded to an...


Dr Schick in Tablet

Some of the first stirrings and concerns about the Pew Report appeared right here in Cross-Currents, led by Dr. Marvin Schick. He followed up with conversations with the conveners of the study. Now, he...


Strange Calendar Conjunctions

While one calendric oddity has grabbed national attention, another one seems to have gone unnoticed. Except on Cross-Currents. Thanksgivukkah has entered the American vocabulary, for a short period of notoriety. This year will be...


Female Haredi Professors

Curiously, the text of the original Haaretz article has changed – to their credit. The story about Dr. Malka Schaps, a newly appointed dean at Bar-Ilan, now only claims that she is the only...


The Zinger in the Pew Report

People will be speaking for quite a while about the the new Pew report on American Jews, and its depressing outlook for the future of any continuation of Jewish affiliation outside of Orthodoxy. One...


Like Dreamers

According to the information that came with my pre-publication review copy, Yossi Klein Halevi’s (YKH) new book will be released on October 1st. Many Cross-Currents readers read the history of the founding of the...

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