Author: Yitzchok Adlerstein


Preaching to a Very Mixed Choir

What do you tell a gathering of clerics, when they give you about a minute, and others can be expected to offer some PC drivel? Speaking at the World Summit Of Religious Leaders Forum...


Of Rabas and Maharats

I’ve held my silence for weeks about the Maharat issue, mostly because I have felt that it is so critical an issue, that it deserved a magisterial treatment by someone in a higher place,...


The Haredi Empire Strikes Back!

In the latest blow to the self-image of the mighty Tel-Avivian, a haredi contestant beat out his closest competitors to take top honors in the “Quiz of the State” sponsored by Arutz-2. Moshe Abu-Aziz,...


Irony or Hashgacha?

Without nevi’im, we never know with certainty how to react to and interpret “coincidences.” But HKBH does play His Hand more visibly at some times than others… This item is a few days old....


Something For Everyone

The ongoing debate on Cross-Currents is such a collection of apples and oranges, that we could start a whole blessed fruit store. Everyone is talking right past everyone else. [Disclaimer: I am personally friendly...

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