Author: Yitzchok Adlerstein


Yoatzot: What We Learned

Contrary to some of the rather strident reactions to the recent piece, I would rank the article one of the most successful ever to appear in Cross-Currents. Despite the imputing of all kinds of...


Schiller, Fartaytsht un Farbesert

One of our readers with an impish sense of humor sent me a link to a recent performance by the Jewish People’s Philharmonic Chorus of Schiller’s Ode to Joy in Yiddish. [WARNING: It is...


Yoatzot: An Exchange

Shoshanna Jaskoll submitted a characteristically passionate article for consideration, this time on the hot-button issue of yoatzot halacha, women trained in hilchos nidah who serve as information intake points, advisors, and more in a very sensitive area....


There Is No Continuity Without Authenticity

Analogizing to competition sports, rabbinic debate usually resembles nothing more exciting than tiddly-winks or croquet. Last week, however, rabbinic sport turned to mud-wrestling. The slimy stuff flew between supporters and detractors of the RCA...


A Poignant Note From Israel

With all of us having family and friends in Israel, it is not particularly difficult to commiserate with them, to be נושא בעול of our brothers and sisters. With all that we have heard,...


When The Chips Are Down…

I can’t say I see eye-to-eye with Satmar regarding the legitimacy of the Jewish State. But ask yourself who demonstrates more loyalty to other Jews – Satmar, or JStreet?

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