Author: Yitzchok Adlerstein


First Thoughts on OrthoPew

We’ll likely be talking about the new analysis by Pew of the Orthodox community. I read it quickly, and one item caught my eye that has not been over-masticated yet. It lies in the...


Rav Dovid Landesman, z”l

With profound sadness I share with the Cross-Currents community news of the untimely petirah, today, erev Shabbos, of Rav Dovid Landesman, z”l. R. Landesman was a veteran mechanech and author on several continents. Cross-Currents...


Effacing Women

Could be that I have used the verb in an improper manner. But it can’t be even remotely as improper as the phenomenon itself. I haven’t seen any really good treatments of the hugely...


The President Is Not Mad

I thank my friend Rabbi Menken for a vivid demonstration of American democracy at its best. He took Natan Sharansky’s Town Square Test and emerged with his head still perched atop his shoulder blades....


Tisha B’Av: For Whom Do We Mourn?

How the city still sits solitary! Some two thousand years later, transformed into a bustling metropolis, the city and her people still sit and mourn alone. Many revile her today more intensely than the...

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