Author: Yitzchok Adlerstein


The Rally Clip

[The clip has been removed from YouTube. Kudos to all those responsible, which includes those who realized how toxic the message was, and how counterproductive it was to the stated objectives of the atzeret...


“A Next Step” – Round Two

[YA – Dr. Finkelman submitted a long comment that can best be handled by turning it into a post, with my bracketed reactions to him embedded.] A handful of initial responses. As for social...


Response To “A Next Step”

Chevra – Let’s try to address your concerns serially. The phenomenal growth of the Orthodox community hardly touches the issue of the korbanos we lost to the heterodox movements. While Orthodoxy grew, that growth...


The Success of Chareidi Kiruv

As much as I enjoy reading Jonathan Rosenblum’s column in Mishpacha each week, I find it painful. Comparing my own poor attempt at communication with the richness of his thought and expression always leaves...


Whose Memory is a Blessing?

Whoever the “Letters” editor of Hamodia may be, I prefer to think that he/she is more clever than obtuse. It is the only way I could understand the reaction to a reader other than...


Why I Don’t Write More Often

I should feel complimented that I get email all the time asking why I haven’t commented yet about this or that important story. The simple answer is that I don’t like to write unless...

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