Author: Yitzchok Adlerstein



Virtually the entire Jewish community was united last week in its concern for Eyal, Naftoli and Gilad. It took a kippah-wearing twelve year-old shocking the judges on America’s Got Talent to give us back...


Tikvah: The Distaff Side

In a manner reminiscent of the way a woman takes over all the space in the closet once a guy gets married, the women have taken over the TikvahYeshiva website. Which is a good...


The “Monsey Summit” – Round Two

After some initial hesitation, I am ready to declare the much-lamented “Monsey Summit” a complete success. Definitely much-lamented. Some lament the bombastic name; others lament the fact that it took place altogether. But much...


Kabbolas HaTorah in Verse

First, from Cross-Currents own poet laureate, Rabbi Yossi Huttler: Sefirah (between the bookends) so now after recounting we count to the end of the account to where we chose and were Chosen we the...


Stranded on Torah Island

As we get closer to Shavuos, I thought it might be interesting to see the different ways our readers love Torah. According to some of the machshavah seforim, the mon of the Wilderness contained...

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