Author: Marvin Schick


Schmutz is not Torah Law

There hasn’t been a change. Schmutz continues to be Trump’s modus operandi. He has done nothing to unite the country and just about everything that he could to further divide the country. It is as if vulgarity is as much part of him as is the skin that encases his body.


Is There a Way to Deal with Gay Rights?

The Times Book Review of this past Sunday has a terrific piece by Fareed Zakaria on George F. Kennan’s diaries.  In 1994, when Kennan was ninety, he noted America’s “pathological preoccupation with sex and...


American Paranoia

A strong paranoid streak has been embedded in the American psyche from nearly the first arrival of Europeans on these shores.  We need only think of the Salem Witch Trials and much else that...


Have We Lost Our Senses?

The following is the concluding paragraph of an article in the current issue of Mishpacha: “The failure of American Jewry during the Holocaust pales beside that of American Jewry today. By virtue of its...


The Ten Percent Solution

[To my recollection, which might be errant, I have never asked that anything I have written be circulated. The following is an exception, for reasons that I hope will be obvious.] The latest issue...


Not Going Off the Rail

My previous post which had nearly an identical title has generated a batch of nice comments, including a number that do not like what I wrote.  That’s fine.  For the record, nearly all of...


Going Off the Rail

We English-speaking Orthodox are blessed with an abundance of attractive publications ranging from a daily newspaper to weekly magazines and newspapers.  There is much good writing and useful information in these publications and although...

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