Author: Marvin Schick

On the Conservative Movement

While I appreciate the many comments I received to my posting on the Conservative movement, there isn�t sufficient time or perhaps even purpose for me to respond further.


Do We Want the Conservative Movement to Die?

My latest Jewish Week column (December 24) discusses the mounting troubles faced by the Conservative movement. I noted that Solomon Schechter schools, many of which are experiencing a declining enrollment and some have closed,...


Justifying Murder

My friend, Rabbi Avrohom Cohen, editor of the Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society which I publish as president of the Rabbi Jacob Joseph School, has said to me often about our fellow Orthodox,...


The Iowa Issue

Except for one point, I do not care to enter the thicket arising from the Rubashkin slaughter house situation, the reason being that I am not qualified to discuss halachic matters. The exception is...


The Mail We Get

Is there a point when the flood of letters we receive from Roshei Yeshiva and notable Rabbis seeking our support for needy families, mainly in Israel, becomes a serious communal problem? We need to...


Let’s Celebrate Chanukah

In his much admired new book commemorating 350 years of Jewish life in America, Jonathan Sarna displays a 1879 poster announcing the �Great Revival� of the �Jewish National Holiday of Chanucka.� In the accompanying...

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