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At Least We Could Cry

by Rabbi Meir Goldberg Rav Yitzchok of Vorka was one of the leading Rebbes in Poland some two hundred years ago. A close friend of the Kotzker and the Chidushei Harim of Ger, he...


Beyond Faded Eyeliner

By Alexandra Fleksher The latest flurry of articles and social media discussions about how women celebrate Simchas Torah made me think about my own relationship to the holiday. Simchas Torah was the most meaningful...


Rehab and Repentance

[Editor’s Note: This may be the first time that we have violated our usually iron-clad policy against anonymous posts. Read it, and you will understand why it had to be anonymous, and why it...


Am I a Lonely Woman of Faith?

The Orthodox Union issued the most pro-women, halachically permissive statement ever. The secular Jewish press created their own narrative without looking at the context and the trajectory of the living and breathing Orthodox community. This is lazy journalism.

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