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Defining Modern Orthodoxy’s Crossroads

By Dovid Goldman Rabbi Broyde’s article is an important contribution to an important conversation. So far, however, it only strengthen’s Rabbi Adlerstein’s points, which were almost all completely sidestepped (when a response ignores all...


The Pope . . . and Truth

By Yehuda L. Oppenheimer It is not every day that I agree with the Pope. After all, to say the least, we have several non-trivial theological differences. There is also the matter of the...


In Times Of Crisis, Return

by Chaskel Bennett It was 1993 and today few remember the first attack on the World Trade Center when extremists detonated a bomb laden vehicle in the lower level of the underground garage. Though...


A Second Look at the IDF

by Eli Julian The recent comments of General (res.) Avi Zamir regarding the status of religion in the IDF and headlines about the text of Yizkor at IDF ceremonies, are causing quite a few...


Segulot and Yeshuot

by Dovid Landesman Many of us, based on personal conversations as well as perusal of various blogs, seem to share discomfort when confronted with yet another advertising campaign by Kuppat ha-Ir and its fellow...

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