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Growing Older, in Verse

By Yossi Huttler [Editor’s Note: By now, Rabbi Yossi Huttler has become the resident poet of Cross-Currents. Readers under 40 may not know what a poem is; those over 40 may find that it...


Burdened By The Times?

by Lawrence Reisman I must confess that I read The New York Times regularly. Outside of the Middle East, I find the coverage to be fairly complete, in line with my biases, and even...

Two For Elul

Two poetic images from Cross-Currents’ resident poet, Rabbi Yossi Huttler Yemei Ratzon(Elul) – Tefilin, Mezuzos, Neshomos Casings and bodies opened up S/scribe scrutinizing sacred letters within for imperfections and omissions judging the living parchment...

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