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The Herd Mentality

by Rabbi Harvey Belovski The astonishing capacity of Judaism to welcome disagreement, tolerate and even validate a range of views (albeit within the system) on almost every issue is, in my opinion, one of...


Let Them Put on Tefillin

by Rabbi Dovid Eliezrie Menelaus would have been proud. He was the Hellenistic high priest installed by Antiochus who championed the battle against traditional Jews that brought about the holiday of Hanukka. Not much...


Horror, Sadness and Concern

by Rabbi Moshe Hauer Jerusalem has been roiling over the gay pride parade that had been scheduled for today – November 10th – with serious fears of violent clashes between parade participants and fervently...


Because I Like the Guy

by D. Katz “All politics is local; all politics is personal.” Such was the judgment of that famous Irish Democrat, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Thomas “Tip” O’Neill. And he was right. I...


Scenes from the Jihad

by Jeff Jacoby A half-dozen snapshots from the global jihad: Australia: Australia’s foremost Muslim cleric triggers an uproar when he likens women who don’t wear an Islamic headscarf to “uncovered meat” and blames them...


Undeserved Forgiveness

by Jeff Jacoby Ed. Note: This piece was originally published (in the Boston Globe) during Sukkos. The issues Mr. Jacoby raises, however, are similar to those discussed by Rabbi Dovid Gottlied in his contribution...

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