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Going once, going twice….On Nov.9 an unusual auction will be held in Manhattan, at the Kestenbaum auction house. Today, Wednesday Nov.8 (19bHeshvan) is the last chance to see the pre-auction exhibit of the most...


Was Michelangelo a Philo-Semite?

Michelangelo lived at a time when the Catholic Church was increasing its oppression of Jews — but his painting of the Sistine Chapel is almost entirely drawn from the Jewish Bible, emphasizing the connection between the Church and the Jewish nation. And then there’s Aminadab.


Reaching for the Truth

All of us can, at most, “Strive for Truth” [It’s a borrowed title], and so I appreciate Rabbi Shafran’s clarification of his position. And to the best of my recollection, there hasn’t been a...

The Small Matter of 1929

July 9, 2012 Parragon Books Ltd [email protected] To Whom It May Concern: I am writing as the public affairs director of a national Jewish organization, Agudath Israel of America, whose Education Affairs division services...


The Volume That Speaks Volumes

What could be the connection between intensified Israeli media incitement against haredim and the appearance of a new Yom-tov prayerbook designed exclusively for Israeli Jews? On the surface, none. But let’s glance beneath the...


Naomi Ragen Guilty of Plagiarism

A Jerusalem Court has ruled in favor of Sarah Shapiro, who wrote four years ago about her plagiarism suit against Naomi Ragen. Ragen is the well-known author of Sotah, Jephte’s Daughter, and other works,...


A Kosher Book If There Ever Was One

WHATEVER our slice of Jewish culture, we all live within certain boundaries. As religious or secular or Democrat or Republican or young or old or skilled or unskilled, few can live and speak without...


Purim Present

In 2003, the first day of Adar brought us an early Purim present. It wasn’t food, but rather food for thought.

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