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Blogging and Loshon Hora (Gossip)

The Jewish Times article (dicussed below) talks about our blog and the perceived media bias against observant Jewry, but also talks about the inherent conflict between journalism and Judaism. It is difficult to be...


Women Too!

“Orthodoxy and The Blog” is the title of an article about Cross-Currents, appearing in this week’s edition of the Baltimore Jewish Times. It’s a good article! I do not recall saying that the blog...


Fair and Respectful

The arrest of a large group of teenagers for drug use and underage drinking at an unsupervised house party — the plurality of whom are students at an Orthodox day school — was an...


Rebuke without offending

Skip this if you never have to comment on delicate issues to people outside our community. The rest of us may recall the passage in the Talmud regarding the commandment to rebuke wrongdoers. In...


Look in a Mirror, Lady

Slack-jawed disbelief — it’s the only possible reaction. Those with rational minds will be amazed by this gem from the President and CEO of Americans for Peace Now. Peace Now, of course, is the...

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