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Media Manipulation Far and Near

Much furor accompanied the exposing of a Reuters photographer’s creative Photoshopping of images from the recent Israeli invasion of Lebanon – and rightly so. Aish HaTorah produced a short film report on the deception,...


Yisrael Valis: No Signs of Abuse

My friend and correspondent Moshe sent me the link to the testimony of Professor Yehuda Hiss, head of the Abu Kabir Institute for Forensic Medicine, now on Hyde Park. The most important line is...


The Orthodox Congregation That Wasn’t

The NY Jewish Week proclaimed last week: “Woman To Lead Halachic N.Y. Shul.” The NY Times says today: “An Orthodox Jewish Woman, and Soon, a Spiritual Leader.” It sure sounds like a story —...


Past,present,future of the haredi sector

motzei Shabbat 27 b Tamuz Just a short note to suggest two recent articles of interest on developments in the haredi world. #1 In Friday’s Haaretz Magazine (July 21) the reporter Shahar Ilan, who...


Yisrael Valis: The Court Transcript

Unbelievable. We already know that the officer saw things that no medical examiner was able to see — e.g. not merely bite marks, but “pinch marks.” But the whole allegation that Valis confessed to...


Fair Treatment of the Lakewood Internet Ban

Saturday’s Washington Post has (via the Religion News Service) an article from the NJ Star-Ledger, Edict turns many Jews in Lakewood into library regulars. A possible subtitle of the article is “blogs don’t represent...

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