Rebuke without offending

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4 Responses

  1. yussie says:

    While I enjoy many of his columns, I find it heretic for an orthodox Jew to espouse a pleasant afterlife for one who openly practices and condones a gay life style.

  2. manny says:

    I believe it was the Chazon Ish that said in his generation (and I think we can safely extrapolate this 50 years down the chronologic road) no one knows how to give tochacha. Daas Torah may be quite right, again.

  3. Nachum says:

    The problem is that people can’t *take* tochacha. Let’s say Mr. Jacoby had told his friend (who, not to get to technical, may not have been guilty of an actual issur) that he was going to hell and unless he changed, he would no longer speak to him. That would accomplish what? Moreover, does halakha require us to do these things? Of course not.

  4. BH Moore says:

    What is the great lesson taught in the Torah that our forefathers forgot and for which the Temple was lost? And which we still haven’t learned?

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