The movie I plan to see again, this Sukkos

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  1. Milhouse says:

    The biggest error in The Chosen was when Danny switches on a light on Shabbos.

  2. Ralphie says:

    I *thought* that happened in the Chosen, but I wasn’t in a position to rewind and double-check. By the way, I sat next to the director one year at a Tikkun Leyl Shavuot at Yeshiva of Los Angeles. No point to telling you that, just thought I’d name-drop (without actually mentioning a name).

  3. Rivka W. says:

    I saw this movie last night (at a 10pm showing, so several hours after Shabbos was over). I was amused at the audience; probably 90% were frum Jews. Therefore, most of us even got those jokes that didn’t properly translate into English.

    I walked those streets at the same time last year, and it was almost like being back there . . . well, ok, it wasn’t really. But it sure did make me homesick for Yerushalayim.

    As Mrs. Katz said, an absolutely delightful film.

  4. neil fleischmann says:

    I loved this movie, wrote about it and linked to a review on my blog. Saw it about a year ago before there was any buzz and I agree that not knowing much beforehand made it better.

  5. Mike Fisher says:

    The real debate as I see it is Emunah vs. Hishtadlus.

    The couple in Ushpizin seem to be in the Emunah camp and the movie gave me a lot of chizuk
    to work on emunah peshutoh.

  6. Rishona says:

    I finally saw this film! It was very, very well done – and a source of inspiration as well.

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