Author: Yitzchok Adlerstein


Answering For the President

Not a question every rov has to answer…. As an Orthodox Jew, Jack Lew, President Obama’s choice to Director of the Office of Management and Budget, observes the religious restrictions on the Jewish Sabbath,...


An Elegant Afterword on Emanuel

One of the several Emanuel pieces in Mishpacha this week concludes with one of the most helpful summaries I have seen to date. No posturing, no delusions. Enough open-mindedness to distribute blame and responsibility...


Somewhat On The Lighter Side

But not really. A Yemenite friend walked into my office. I hadn’t seen him since the current crisis began. We traded notes, and quickly found that we agreed on all essential points: discrimination is...


Harvard and Haredi Racism

It took the United States a century and a half to tell itself that it had meaningfully rid itself of discrimination against African-Americans. Even so, few people really believe that anti-black sentiment has been...


Inter Alia

Inter alia means “among other things.” Legal types use it quite often, along with other choice Latin phrases. Using Latin adds presence, if not a bit of pretentiousness, to a document. Sometimes, you need...


History Restored

While Hitler y”s extended the definition of “Jew” in order to keep Aryan blood pure, his successors have worked to shrink the definition. To counter the prevalent Christian Zionist notion of G-d’s immutable covenant...

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