Author: Shira Schmidt


The Parade Root

17 bMarHeshvan 5767 Wed. night I just returned to Netanya from the three-hour Supreme Court session on the proposed Homosexual Parade scheduled for Friday (19 Heshvan). The three justices were inclined to insist that...


Pre-Hoshana Rabba Apologies

Before the gates and books are closed on Hoshana Rabba, I would like to make the following amends. 1) Apologies to Rahel Jaskow . Yaakov Menken and others were unfairly harsh with Rahel Jaskow...


Was Ezra haredi?

Was Biblical Ezra the Scribe ultra-Orthodox? What lies behind this seemingly silly question is a set of serious questions: When did Torah-observant Jewry divide into Orthodox, modern Orthodox, ultra-Orthodox, etc.? Were Moshe Rabbenu, Ezra...


For them, Yom Kippur was easy as pie

Erev Yom Hakippurim, 5767. My Netanya neighbor Livia Bitton Jackson wrote in her Holocaust memoirs, I Have Lived a Thousand Years and Elli: Coming of Age in the Holocaust that she forced herself and...


E.T., Come Home!

Everyone, Together, Come Home. Avi Shafran was remiss in his op-ed A Prophecy Sadly Fulfilled, which appeared in the Jerusalem Post this week and attracted 104 talkbacks so far. He was right on the...


Past,present,future of the haredi sector

motzei Shabbat 27 b Tamuz Just a short note to suggest two recent articles of interest on developments in the haredi world. #1 In Friday’s Haaretz Magazine (July 21) the reporter Shahar Ilan, who...

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