Author: Shira Schmidt


Religious girls: study belies stereotype

7 bNissan The article “Thin is not a mitzvah for religious girls” appeared in the Jerusalem Post April 2 (by Judy Siegel-Itzkovich, an observant woman herself). Probably someone other than the reporter gave it...


Stereotyping religious girls

6 bNissan If you saw the following headline in the Jerusalem Post, what do you think the article would say? (Don’t go and look at the article yet; that’s not fair.) “Thin is not...


When is mockery legitimate?

24 bAdar What do you do when you enjoy a colleague’s witty, acerbic satire of other Jews, but you feel that perhaps one should not mock people, even if you believe their derekh is...


“Freedom of Expression” as idolatry

Apropos the issue underlying the Moslem fury at the irreverence embodied in the Danish cartoons, I have been thinking a great deal about the limitations that Jewish tradition places on the way we express,...


Is the haredi option, an option?

7 bShvat In the wake of the Amona confrontation, the predicatment of the National Religious (NR) community was described on Friday in Haaretz when Meron Rapoport, in an article titled “Religious Zionism, without Zionism”...

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