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Question and Answers

By Dr. Moshe Krakowski Earlier this week an essay that I published in City Journal about anti-yeshiva activists in New York State appeared online. Rabbi Adlerstein has generously invited me to discuss the article’s...


My Apology to the Old ACLU

In 1977 an American neo-Nazi group sought to march through the predominantly-Jewish Chicago suburb of Skokie. They were denied a permit by the local officials, in part because many Skokie residents at the time were families of Holocaust survivors.


The Mashgiach on Solitude

by Rabbi Shaya Karlinsky We are experiencing an unprecedented disruption of the normal functioning of the entire world. Many people have tried to explain the message Hashem is sending us, encouraging us to be...


All Shabbos, All the Time

This crisis gives us Shabbat all week long. We are home, with our spouses, our children. We spend time trying to work remotely but then we have to get back to real work… We have to deal with our family.

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