Postville III

Shmarya is one of the established bloggers now taking note of Cross-Currents. His comments to my previous entry on Postville, however, represent the sort of unfair antipathy towards Rubashkin that seems to be based...


Response to comments on “Bullseye”

Fatheringay-Phipps is quite worked up about about my opposition to the name Yishmael and has done research to prove that the name was in long-time use among the Jews. He may be right, but...


The Iowa Issue

Except for one point, I do not care to enter the thicket arising from the Rubashkin slaughter house situation, the reason being that I am not qualified to discuss halachic matters. The exception is...



Last week, under the title “Conversions and Hebrew Names,” I posted an edited selection from my archive of correspondence with my readers, in which I presented the remarks of one correspondent and invited comment....


Fair and Respectful

The arrest of a large group of teenagers for drug use and underage drinking at an unsupervised house party — the plurality of whom are students at an Orthodox day school — was an...


Rebuke without offending

Skip this if you never have to comment on delicate issues to people outside our community. The rest of us may recall the passage in the Talmud regarding the commandment to rebuke wrongdoers. In...


He Finally Got it Right

In a strange reversal of the career of Yochanan Kohen Gadol (who went bad after 80 years – see Talmud Berachos 29A), an illustrious British philosopher has foresaken atheism at the age of 81


Postville Continued

The Orthodox Union is responding to PETA’s video, taking many of the steps that my expert (affiliated with a different agency) recommended. Many Jewish bloggers have, nonetheless, worked themselves up about this. It seems...

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