Two Men, Two Worlds: Rav Wolbe and Ezer Weizman

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7 Responses

  1. Yaakov Rosenblatt says:

    Thank you Rabbi Feldman for a wonderful piece. The exterior and interior of our people; the brash, tough exterior and the saintly and spirited interior. The latter is our essence and the former our hishtadlus to survive in a dangerous neighborhood. Do you, Rabbi Feldman, see a day coming when the leaders of Israel will publicly venerate the leaders of Yisrael?

  2. mb says:

    And vice versa?

  3. Brother Bob says:

    And what of Rav Wolbe’s zt”l background in Torah im Derech Eretz? Its surely must of had an impact on his educational philosophy.

  4. GS says:

    Just for the sake of accuracy… the brief bio of rav Wolbe gives the impression that he arrived in Jerusalem and immediately set up the Beis HaMussar. In fact he was the mashgiach of Be’er Yaakov for over 35 years. Only after that did he become mashgiach in “Lakewood East” and also start giving weekly shmuessen at the Mir Yeshiva. At that time is when he set up the Beis HaMusar too. (I believe it was around 1980)

  5. NerBochur says:

    If anyone wants an idea of Weizman and his personality based on a first hand account, I strongly recommend the he\she read “Letters from Tel Mond Prison” by Era Rappaport. One is free to judge for himself.

  6. Shira Schmidt says:

    Could you, Rav Feldman, give an example of the writings of R. Wolbe z”l from Aley Shor? A short passage perhaps. Your description whets the appetite to read what R. Wolbe wrote.
    7 b Iyyar

  7. A feldman says:

    Great peice! This contrast not only stimulates thought about the difference between the external power and the internal greatness, but also reflects the very power and source of any success that the jewish people have. It can safely be surmised that Weizmann’s- and all of the army’s- success, is only possible as a result of the gratness of r’ wolbe and all those involved in spirituality. This is obvious because the miraculous survival of the jews, and the country of israel, can only be attributed to something that brings miracles, which is service of g-d. This helps us understand many of the issues arrising out of the dicotomy of the religious/ secular state of israel and the jews.

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