Anthony Flew: Atheism Doesn’t Fly

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2 Responses

  1. Yaakov Rosenblatt says:

    Thanks for the inspiring words. The premise of so many atheists, that being able to chart how something occurred proves that it probably happened by itself, holds not primordial soup when faced by spiritual experience; the fire of Yosef consuming the construct of Esav.

  2. Eliezer Barzilai says:

    He has backtracked somewhat, saying that all he meant was that he now accepts that a study of the complexity of biology could legitimately be seen as “confirmatory to a faith in a creator.”
    I think that the biggest mussor haskeil is that we cannot be slaves to the inertia of our assumptions. The Alter from Kelm once said that the greatest negi’us is the negi’us of the muskol rishon, because it has the powerful allies of both gaivoh and atzlus. Flew reminds me of the Rambam’s comment about Aristo, who despite his great mind, just couldn’t make the final step to acceptance and faith.

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