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The Siyum in Verse, Twice

By Yossi Huttler Daf Alef nowhere to be found only in yeshiva shel ma’alah where neshamos’ unfinished corners are completed by the Teacher of teachers who fills in the unknowable of this world (Daf)...


Entering The Three Weeks

Groundless hatred cost us the beis ha-mikdosh, and cast us into a galus we have still not extricated ourselves from. This short YouTube, part of a film competition in Israel, might help get some...


More Than a Catchy Tune

My musical tastes favor Mahler over MBD, anytime. So why do I love this new tune and its video treatment so much? Probably because it succeeds in taking something as somber as debilitating childhood...


JJ Goldberg Gets It Right

It’s not often that I agree with anything from the Forward’s JJ Goldberg. This quote, though, clearly qualifies to be one of the exceptions: Looking at recent population figures in the world’s two largest...


Rare Opportunity to Study the Kuzari

From the feedback we’ve been getting, the current edition of Klal Perspectives dealing with connectedness has touched many people. Besides the runaway success of Rabbi Moshe Weinberger’s contribution, two other factors have been played...

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