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Thanking the President

Major Orthodox organizations were quick to thank the President for his unequivocal articulation of Israel’s right to defend herself. In the best tradition of hakoras hatov, these messages went out: Agudath Israel We at...


Credit Where Due

During the election cycle, many of us, myself included, contrasted Obama’s distance from Israel with Romney’s clear belief in Israel’s right to self-defense and the Palestinian’s lack of interest in true peace. We were...


Killing Two Idols With One Stone

Looking For Merkulis? Those who follow the Daf just might be. The ancient deity appears on :נז. The halacha about the proper bracha to make when coming across this idol is cited in Shulchan...


Elul Is Upon Us

Once again, we invite readers to share ideas on preparing for the Yemai HaDin, by telling us what special preparatory learning they will be going during Elul. This worked very well last year. We...

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