Nachlas Yosef on Rus – Shiur Available

Finding out that your fault is shared by others can be a joyous discovery. I have felt guilty for years parading out favorite divrei Torah again and again. It’s not like there is any shortage of new insights that should be rolling off my tongue. I’ve learned that some really important people also have their favorites, and can be counted on serving them up each year. So I will go easier on myself for insisting that it just isn’t Chanukah for me without an opportunity to spin the Bnei Yissaschar’s dreidel, and Pesach would just not feel right without an audience for the Maharal on the korban Pesach and Rav Kook on Ha Lachma Anya.

Of course I am timidly working up to my confession: Shavuos just hasn’t happened for me without a chance to sing the praises of Nachlas Yosef on Rus. I can’t even try to speak dispassionately about it. I just don’t know anything like it on Rus, and I didn’t really contain the passion when I spoke this morning at the Iranian Yachad Kollel in Beverly Hills. (Rus, nothing. I don’t know of any mechaber who so beautifully integrates Chazal in a complex running, thematic commentary on the text anywhere.) This will explain why I only got to a small part of the outline that I had prepared. If you are still curious about what an agendized presenter of Rav Yosef Lipovitz had to say, it is presented here with caveats duly presented.

NOTE: The full text of Nachlas Yosef is available on Hebrew Books. Thanks to Rabbi Levi Langer of the Pittsburgh Kollel for pointing this out.

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  1. Neil Harris says:

    Rav Yosef Lipovitz zt’l and his treatment of Rus is amazing. He was a talmud in Slobodka, I believe.

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