Israel Foolishly Offends the Left

There is no joy in Berkeley. Mighty Israel has struck out!

As if Israel were not already in enough trouble with leftists, she had to really get under their skin. Leftists in Israel teach a generation of young Israelis to hate Israel; that Israel had no right to statehood; even (as in Shlomo Sand) that modern Jews are not related to the ones of ancient times, whose real descendants are the Palestinians.

Leftist Jews in the US go to church conventions, like that of the Presbyterian Church (USA) last week, to implore, beg, passionately declaim that Christians should punish Israel through boycott, divestment and sanctions. (More on that in a future piece. I was there to witness it.) They do this in the name of Torah, which they don’t even believe in.

Aren’t we in enough trouble with liberals? Why did Israel allow her scientists to this? (And a group, no less, with the liberal sounding name of Tikun Olam?) Couldn’t they follow the lead of the Arabs, whose scientists have enhanced the world with all kinds of useful consumer items, like suicide bomber belts?

But, no, they have to strike at a core value of the Left, and develop a form of marijuana that preserves most of its medicinal effects, but elminates the high!

Forget Berkeley. Think of what this will do to unemployment here in Los Angeles, which already boasts more medical marijuana emporiums than Starbucks.

What were they smoking?

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2 Responses

  1. Raymond says:

    It sure sounds to me as if Datan and Aviram have plenty of followers. I wonder if the Earth will be swallowing them up this time around.

  2. Charles Hall says:

    Los Angeles is closing all its marijuana dispensaries, by a vote of the City Council

    [YA – No problem. After the Siyum, everyone will know that you can get high on Abaya and Rava.]

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