The Siyum in Verse, Twice

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2 Responses

  1. micha says:

    But daf alef is easy to find. It’s pretty too. It beckons you to pass through the gate of knowledge. [Ed. It is known as the shaar blatt, because it includes a depiction of an ornate gate.]

    Interestingly, when the Vilna Yerushalmi was published, they didn’t count the title page, and so Berakhos 1:1 (“Me’eimasai”) does appear on daf alef, amud alef.

    My heartiest mazal tov to all the mesaymim!

  2. Nachum says:

    To the editor’s note: Wouldn’t the “shaar blatt” be the page *before* daf alef, with daf alef being the one that lists all the perushim? I suppose that as our dafim are those laid down by Daniel Bomberg, we’d have to consult his edition to see how many pre-daf bet pages he has, but I can’t find images online.

    I sometimes wonder if back in Bomberg’s day this was a common publishing practice that he adapted to his Jewish works.

    I once heard that Chabad chasidim actually learn the title page of Tanya as part of the cycle. Is this true?

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