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Elul for All

With the beginning of the Hebrew month of Elul, the Shofar blasts sound at the conclusion of the morning prayers. As described by Maimonides, these blasts arouse us from the slumber and force us...


The Bereavement Map Has Changed

Haaretz says: “As the ultra-Orthodox once were, Tel Avivians are vilified for shirking duty to the nation.” Do Tel Avivians believe, heart and soul, that what they are doing in lieu of military service...


Taking Responsibility For Lebanon – By Whom?

Whether or not Israel actually lost the war, the recent Israel/Lebanon war surely resulted in a less than preferred outcome for the Jewish people. Young Jewish souls were lost. Soldiers remain kidnapped. Property was...


“Hitler Would be Proud”

Eugene Volokh wants to know if the cartoon below is anti-Semitic, or merely anti-Israel as the editors of the Sacramento News & Review say it was intended to be. My take? As Rabbi Adlerstein...


The Blindness of our Leaders

When a shepherd grows angry with the flock, he blinds the eyes of the lead goat causing the flock to fall into a pit (Bava Kamma 52a and Rashi ad loc.). I cannot speak...


The New Anti-Semitism

Israel’s wars tend to bring anti-Semites out into the open, and the current one is no exception. What is interesting, however, is the degree to which anti-Semitism has migrated from its traditional haunts on...

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