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My White House Chanukah

If you should ever happen to find yourself in an ornate, high-ceilinged room and a military-uniformed classical string ensemble is segueing from a flawless rendition of a Bach Concerto to an equally impressive (if...


Americans and Israel

The Slonimer Rebbe (Chanuka, pg. 38) observes that the symbolism of the approaching holiday of Chanuka includes the notion that illumination breaks through specifically from darkness. Both the community and every individual Jew must...


The El Al Boycott

If the morning’s news is to be believed, the threatened chareidi boycott of El Al for 18 flights last Shabbos will result in El Al entering into a legally enforceable agreement to never again...


Playing Fair – A Bipartisan Critique

Yesterday, an article and comment here both contained what I consider unfair remarks. This leads me to suspect that they were delivered for partisan gain rather than enlightenment, and I think a further analysis...


Democrats Go European

Israelis would like to believe that American support for the Jewish state is strong, bipartisan, and will ever remain thus. Contrary to that happy scenario, Israel definitely has a dog in next week’s American...


Because I Like the Guy

by D. Katz “All politics is local; all politics is personal.” Such was the judgment of that famous Irish Democrat, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Thomas “Tip” O’Neill. And he was right. I...


Reb Moshe on Voting

The enclosed letter, from Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l, remains as relevant today as it was two decades ago. In summation: Vote!


“My son was beaten by Police yesterday”

I received the following via email, with the subject line above: He was walking to his apartment, while Haredim were demonstrating against the GayPride parade. He was just looking, while speaking to his mother...


Scenes from the Jihad

by Jeff Jacoby A half-dozen snapshots from the global jihad: Australia: Australia’s foremost Muslim cleric triggers an uproar when he likens women who don’t wear an Islamic headscarf to “uncovered meat” and blames them...

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