The Protest That Fizzled

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4 Responses

  1. Andrea says:

    I was at the StandwithUs rally for Israel last Sunday. Maybe there were 200 of us- maybe 300. It was last minute but we came. We could see the entire ETO(and fellow travelers) in front and above us on the Capitol lawn. There were maybe 1000 people. I have responded in several places(websites/blog/youtube) where they said they had 5000 people. I agree we can’t ignore them- so that is why I went to stand with Israel.

  2. Yehoshua Friedman says:

    Israel and the Jews, with the support of allies in the Evangelical Christian camp plus sane people from elsewhere, notably eastern Europeans who still remember the struggle against communism, must otherwise go it alone. Israel will have to stop trying to please the world because it can’t be done. Israel will continue to produce high-quality products, science and technology and defend itself. Perhaps in the next war, which is clearly coming, the State of Israel will send a lot of Arabs fleeing and end up with some serious oil resources. We will make alliances with all those who cannot stomach the politically correct stance of Europe and Blue State America, Castroite Cuba and Chavez’s Venezuela. We will survive while they cease to reproduce. Israel must stop its dependence on US arms, which stifles Israel’s arms industry and gives jobs to American workers and not Israelis. We will thereby preempt the ridiculous claim that Israel takes money out of the American taxpayer’s pocket. We will also encourage said American taxpayer to connect the dots and stop paying for the arming of the Arabs. But we must all do teshuva.

  3. Bob Miller says:

    It would be fitting if we could now boycott our enemies’ oil. However, energy independence is only a slogan at this stage, just as it always has been. It’s not coincidental that many American officials and ex-officials are cozy with the Saudis and the like.

  4. Miriam Lindenberg says:

    At the risk of sounding cliche’d, i believe that the real enemy is our fractured relationship between us and Hashem. The churches, Arabs, all are operating as “sticks”

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