How to Build a Terrorist

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4 Responses

  1. David says:

    I obviously agree with you, but I think your sarcasm might be counterproductive. Many people will find this annoying and distasteful, and will be less inclined to accept what you have to say.

  2. Ori Pomerantz says:

    Can we donate money to have something like VeggieTales distributed in Arabic?

  3. Ori Pomerantz says:

    Moderators, please delete my previous comment.

    The “annihilate the Jews” segment has a section on why Arab culture is better (1:06 after the start). A clone of Mickey Mouse stands in a studio decorated in foamies you can buy in any Home Depot with western digits (not the digits used in Arabic). In front of a TV camera that was probably produced in the west, it tells us how Arab culture is better.

    Do they even know they have an inferiority complex?

  1. August 20, 2007

    […] Today’s Jewish World Review carries an article about Saraa Barhoum, “the young star of Hamas television’s best-known children’s show.” The show is “best known for bringing the world a militant Mickey Mouse look-alike and then having him killed off by an Israeli interrogator.” […]

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