Rebuke without offending

Skip this if you never have to comment on delicate issues to people outside our community. The rest of us may recall the passage in the Talmud regarding the commandment to rebuke wrongdoers. In...


He Finally Got it Right

In a strange reversal of the career of Yochanan Kohen Gadol (who went bad after 80 years – see Talmud Berachos 29A), an illustrious British philosopher has foresaken atheism at the age of 81


Postville Continued

The Orthodox Union is responding to PETA’s video, taking many of the steps that my expert (affiliated with a different agency) recommended. Many Jewish bloggers have, nonetheless, worked themselves up about this. It seems...


Conversions and Hebrew Names

When I was asked to sign on as regular contributor to this Website, I was honored, pleased and also a little baffled about which topics to address. Most pieces that appear here are current...


The Mail We Get

Is there a point when the flood of letters we receive from Roshei Yeshiva and notable Rabbis seeking our support for needy families, mainly in Israel, becomes a serious communal problem? We need to...


Death Isn’t Pretty

Any viewer of an emergency room on prime time TV has seen a scene like this one: The EMTs race the victim into the ER, and he’s bleeding badly. They try to stop the...


There They Go, Again

The New York Times has been known incorrectly as a Jewish newspaper for over a century. Even when its publishers were Jewish — and the present-day Sulzberger is a practicing Christian, son of a...


A Different Tune

After four years of the intifada, many of us continue to get hood-winked by the media, myself included. I am one of those who does not refuse to acknowledge that our side is capable...

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