Postville Continued

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5 Responses

  1. Joshua says:

    Admittedly I didn’t read the book, rather I saw a documentary based on the book, but I felt like it didn’t suffer from the criticisms you leveled against the book.

  2. shoshana says:

    Speaking here as a charedi woman, I think many charedi women are asking to be evaluated largely on this basis; female charedi society is terribly superficial. It is very common among charedim for people to refer to looks and fashion sense early on in descriptions of charedi women. I’m not arguing against the mechitza, but segregation also reinforces objectification. It would be nice to think of segregated society as de-eroticized, but of course the opposite happens – there is strain when charedi men and women interact and that makes for objectification. I don’t think this is an entirely bad phenomenon, but it can’t be denied either.

  3. Shmarya says:

    Why not pause for a moment and STOP trying to defend Rubashkin and his rabbis at all costs. Bloom’s book ahs its faults, but so does The fact remains that Rubashkin regularly made use of illegal alien workers, did not pay the proper taxes for them, did not reach out to the non-Jews of Postville, had Jewish employees (one “frum”) that pulled off the first armed robberies in recent Postville memory – they also shot and critically wounded a middle-aged female store clerk – and treated Postville like his own personal fifedom.

    And then you have the throat-ripping shown on the PETA video.

    Have you EVER seen anything like that in shechita? Yet you rise to DEFEND Rubashkin? Rabbi Menken, your behavior gives lie to the ethical teachings on your website. How sad.

  4. Shmarya says:

    Your representation of PETA’s behavior in this affair is not supported by the facts. PETA spent many months quietly trying to get Rubashkin and his rabbis to fix the problems, but Rubashkin and the OU, et al, refused. Further, while only one animal on that video got up and walked after shechita, others TRIED to get up and were clearly conscious. Why don’t you ask the OU’s Rabbi Belsky (one of your teachers) about the throat-ripping? Why not ask him why the OU was UNAWARE that it was happening? Ask him why KAJ and the OU allowed a non-Jew to make the second cut? Why not the shochet? Why not ask these questions and print his responses? Or do you think the OU has something to hide?

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