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A Letter from Beit Shemesh

Every 5 years, the residents of a city have the choice to decide in which direction they want the city to head by voting for a mayor and a local political party. What is important to you influences you decision when you go to the polls.


A Response to My Critics

My post on Noah Feldman’s recent essay in the New York Times provoked an unusually large number of responses — most critical of my post and many unflattering on a personal level. I was...


Odds and Ends

1) When Mishpacha published last week’s post “On Making Money” they wisely decided to edit out most of the lawyer jokes. I considered doing the same, and unwisely decided that given that I am...


Grisha’s Choice

A few days ago, I posted a piece about Grigory Perelman, the Jewish mathematician who solved the Poincaré conjecture. One of our readers, a Russian-Jewish mathematician of considerable attainment himself, sent me a private...


Viennese Pastries vs. Pickled Herring

On May 30 I posted below some sketchy thoughts (“American versus Israeli haredi sector”) I had in my initial reaction to a Jerusalem Post op-ed by Elliot Jager “American haredi triumph” . There were...


Righteous Gentiles

Righteous Gentiles The following is an except from a letter I received from a gentleman in Canada. �What is a Noachide allowed to study? I have heard about three answers to this question. I...


Non-Orthodox Dialogue

Ah, for when life was simpler! One of our readers, Shalom Simon, stuck it to me regarding my post on the grand debate at Harvard Law School. He asked whether the event (which had...


Reply to Professor Kamenetz

Dear Prof. Kamenetz, Thank you for your thoughtful comments. Indeed, I had read only Jeff Jacoby’s briefer citation of your remarks, not the fuller version. Having now read it, I am not sure that...

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