Author: Yitzchok Adlerstein


Protocols of the Elders of Anti-Semitism

Only anti-Semites believe that Jews control the world. Yet anti-Semitism itself has choked and strangled the progress of nations. Writing in the June issue of Commentary, Paul Johnson calls anti-Semitism an irrational disease that...


Jewish Gene-ius

Jews are smarter than everyone else. This is the opening premise of an explosive study released last week, and given extensive coverage in the New York Times and the Economist. There is no cause...


Benedict XVI and Me

As official Jewish spokespeople weigh in on the new Pope, I find their analysis comes up short for my tastes. Most concentrated on his membership in Hitler Youth (forgivable- it wasn’t his choice; there...


Anthony Flew: Atheism Doesn’t Fly

Some time ago, we reported the about-face of one of the most vocal proponents of atheism in modern times. British philosopher Anthony Flew announced that he had grave misgivings about his stance of many...

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