Author: Yitzchok Adlerstein

Two Popes and the Holocaust

Perhaps we canít always determine guilt from a distance. I learned long ago that criticizing other faiths is fraught with danger. We often lack some of the pieces. Despite what I intuit, I am...


Say It Ain’t So, Joe

A Catholic aquaintance just couldn’t believe that L’Osservatore Romano, a Vatican newspaper, could have been so obtuse and mean-spirited as to criticize Israel for offering IDF field hospitals to Sri Lanka. She was right....


‘Tis the Season (Part Two)

A few days ago, I threw out the idea that the adoption of divestment motions by mainline churches is a greater threat to Jewish interests than PETAís challenge to shechita. The former introduces the...

‘Tis The Season (Part 1 1/2)

I couldn’t resist. My heart just bursts with gratitude. And to think I ever said anything mean about PCUSA head Clifton Kirkpatrick. His letter to President Bush must have been his Christmas gift to...


‘Tis The Season (Part One)

While some of my colleagues on this blog (Yaakov Menken and Jeff Ballabon in particular) continue to hammer away at their keyboards in high dudgeon, they are oblivious to the real devils lurking out...


Rebuke without offending

Skip this if you never have to comment on delicate issues to people outside our community. The rest of us may recall the passage in the Talmud regarding the commandment to rebuke wrongdoers. In...


He Finally Got it Right

In a strange reversal of the career of Yochanan Kohen Gadol (who went bad after 80 years – see Talmud Berachos 29A), an illustrious British philosopher has foresaken atheism at the age of 81

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