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Emanuel and Beyond

by Doron Beckerman Yoav Lalloum is no newcomer to the anti-discrimination scene. His Noar Kahalachah organization was established in 2002 in order to eradicate the ongoing rejection and humiliation of Sefardi applicants to Ashkenazi-run...


We Are All Emanuel

by Dovid Landesman Events in the last twenty-four hours have caused my inherent uncertainties about life in Israel to resurface. This afternoon I attended the mass demonstration [peaceful and orderly, thank God] in support...



by Doron Beckerman A reaction to the recent Cross-Current debate, in verse. Meager meals, discarded peels, joy in truth discerned Grand ideals, delighted squeals, trashcans being burned A focused life, a scalpel knife, study,...


Rav Gedalia Anemer, zt”l

We must transmit the sad news that Rav Gedalia Anemer, Rav of Young Israel Shomrei Emunah of Silver Spring, MD for over half a century, passed away shortly before 8 AM this morning. The...


Spring Cleaning

by Dovid Landesman My mother-in-law is an avid reader of The Jerusalem Post and awaits its daily delivery with great anticipation. As she peruses it, however, she becomes increasingly angry at the consistent chareidi...

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