Kate Millett’s Legacy

She may rest in peace, but not the many whose lives became road-kill to her revolutionary zeal. She plied her doctoral dissertation into the best-selling Sexual Politics, roundly critiqued for its shallowness and inaccuracy....


More on Smartphones

Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein’s article, How Bad Are Smartphones?, provides much food for thought. The often unnoticed yet acute damage which smartphone addiction causes needs to be considered and addressed. I would like to expand...


Houston Relief: A Sidebar on Community

As so often happens, systems under stress yield the most information. Think of supercolliders giving us the best guesses as to the composition of “ordinary” matter. Or the really strange cases in the gemara...


Houston Relief: Update

Lots of hungry people in Houston are now being fed. As reported here earlier, the Dallas community assumed responsibility for providing fresh meals, coordinating with HKA – Houston Kashruth Association. Three caterers in Dallas...


The Peril of Partisanship

Among contemporary American life’s many negative influences on Torah-conscious Jews is a subtle one that is generally overlooked. We don’t need reminders of the pernicious impact of the surrounding society’s denial of eternal truths,...


How Bad Are Smartphones?

Chances are that you don’t need me for this. You already understand that the ubiquitous smartphone, to the naked eye at least, has wreaked havoc with human communications, with attention spans, with happiness itself....


Report From Houston

I asked Rabbi Yehoshua Wender, mara d’asra of Young Israel of Houston, for a status report for his community. He offered the remarks he sent out to his own shul; they capture what his...

Death of a Slogan

“Le roi est mort, vive le roi!” That’s the famous French declaration that was traditionally made when a monarch had breathed his last: “The king is dead. Long live the king!” Recent days have...

Name Game

A stylistically different but similar piece to a recent Hamodia one about “Open Orthodoxy”‘s dropping of that self-description, written for the Forward’s readership, can be read here.

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