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Rome Travelogue

They told me that Rome would be Jewishly disappointing. Friends who had been there said that Florence was the Jewish destination. Rome’s charm was all in old churches, which hardly touch Jewish heartstrings. So...

Voting Advice

Few things outrage people as greatly as the suggestion that their vote doesn’t really make a difference. “Your vote counts!” is, after all, the essence of Civics 101. And yet it is the most...

Error Message

Is it permissible to drink water on Shabbos? Yes, the question is facetious. But not pointless. Because the parshiyos of this time of year, which deal with the construction of the mishkan and its...


Torah Law and Torah Values

Technical compliance, but attitudinal disagreement. As the Open Orthodox movement further develops its theology, it is increasingly evident that the above is a principal credo. One should comply with the letter of the Law,...


Conservative Jews Deserve More than PR

All agree that the Conservative Jewish movement is in rapid decline. But by hiring a PR agency, the United Synagogue is going in the wrong direction — surveys and branding will not fix the fundamental problem.

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