Killing Off the Kill-Off – A Response to Rabbi Gordimer

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2 Responses

  1. dr. bill says:

    very well said.  one anecdote about RAL ztl and Milton.  RAL asserted that his ability to observe the mitzvah of kibbud av for his elderly and blind father was enhanced by Milton’s writings. (Milton became blind in his forties and lived for another 2 decades.) ironically while any number of great baalei hamesorah were blind, none seem to have provided as much practical guidance as Milton.

  2. Bob Miller says:

    Queen Esther could be seen by disparate groups as “one of us.”   People identified with her aspects that they related to best.   We’ve seen this with many great people.   No one could grasp their totality but something rang a bell.   On a much higher level, this idea applies to each Jew’s relationship with HaShem.

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