A Dubious Milestone

Less than two weeks ago, I mentioned that the akismet spam blocker included in WordPress had trapped over 80,000 spams to our blog comments. We just hit 100,000.

It’s an honor we could do without, but there you have it. 100,000 spams, and, as said earlier, barely a dozen false positives. I’m still waiting for akismet for my INBOX!

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2 Responses

  1. Amanda Rush says:

    Not to turn this blog’s combox into a haven for the technically minded, but the only you’re going to get Akismet for your inbox is if you agree to tie your inbox to a central database. And for the record, my current spam numbers for Akismet are 177,956, and Spam Karma has caught a further 154475 spams. If they ever get this problem solved, so that spam is no longer an issue, I’ll be eternally grateful.

  2. Ariel Krakowski says:

    Y can’t u just put word-recognition?

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